For Employee Rs.999 (60% off) Rs.1599

Resume Writing

Our professionals write your resume showcasing your experience in a summarizing way & highlighting your General Management, Team Building and Leadership qualities etc. Cover letter samples A cover letter is a expert way to present yourself to potential recruiters and express them what makes you suitable for their organization. Our resume writing experts make a well written cover letter that delivers your ability briefly.


Your resume will be sent to a list of active consultants

Featured Job Seeker

You appear as an active jobseeker in recruiter searches and get up to 100 times more recruiter views

Career & Interview Guidance

We unfortunately can't read minds, we'll give you the next best thing: a list of commonly asked interview questions (and, of course, some expert advice on how to answer them).

For Employer

E-commerce outsourcing

We deal with lots of manufactures for selling their products through digital channel.Our Experts will assist and Provide services for Product listing on B2B / B2C /C2C online Selling Portal, Account Opening, Account Activation, Products Listings Content writing Order Processing.

Payroll Management

We assist your organization for record keeping, Employee records, Salary payment, Understanding of all Deductions, Tax consideration, Leave management, Pension, ESIC and PF deductions and formalities, Preparing and filling ESIC and PF returns,

  • - ESIC Management
  • - PF Management
  • - Payroll Accounting
  • - Performance Appraisal
  • - Staff Management
Accounting Outsourcing
  • 1. Day today accounting
  • 2. Approval of ledger entries by auditing transaction
  • 3. Accounting, budget planning and control,
  • 4. Cash management, treasury, and tax handling functions.
  • 5. Ensures complete, accurate, timely and consistent financial reporting.
  • 6. Supervises all aspects of an accounting function.
  • 7. Tax filings and related deposits, as well as special projects.
  • 8. Prepares assists and monitors all auditing functions including outside auditor activities.

Course and Certification for Employee

This course helps the candidates to improve their awareness and skills for a better career growth as well as make a difference in the market. It also increases the employment opportunities.

Combo Package Rs.29,999 (25% off) Rs.39,999

Digital Marketing Training Rs.3,999 (33% off) Rs.5,999

Digital Marketing considers the candidate as per the company’s need for running Digital Marketing Campaigns across various channels including Emails, Social Media, Search Engine, and Inbound techniques. We make you an experts in various areas in Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

E-commerce Training/Digital Communication Rs.23,999 (20% off) Rs.29,999

Having E-Commerce Training Academy has which has been launched with the sole purpose of helping anyone who want to easily sell online and we want manufacturers , retailers (online & offline), Entrepreneurs to be able to do this in a way that aids their brand development and increases sales. In other words, if our clients succeed, we succeed. By providing Easily Understandable, Professional eCommerce training, we enable manufacturers, retailers and entrepreneurs to focus on managing and growing their business. The word's simplest eCommerce training course(45 days) for online Business Owners, Students, Entrepreneur and Working women who are looking for career in eCommerce industry. Our course include E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Inbound Market, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , B2B(Business to Business) , B2C(Business to Consumer), and C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

Payroll Management Training Rs.3,999 (33% off) Rs.5,999

This certification evaluates employees as per the company requirements to develop and manage payroll system in various areas like determining rates of pay, compensation management, job analysis, reward management, international compensation strategy, competency and knowledge-based pay, Visit to ESIC and PF office ,The Gratuity and Bonus Act.

Accounting Practical Training on Tally ERP Rs.3,999 (33% off) Rs.5,999

We provide you practical accounting understanding on Book keeping and record keeping and also give you training on tally ERP for practical understanding of various accounting aspects

  • 1. Basic Accounting
  • 2. Book Keeping
  • 3. Financial Accounting
  • 4. Management Accounting
  • 5. Practical accounting training on Tally ERP
  • 6. Accounting supervision and reporting